Materials and parts of a car bumper

The bumpers are one of the crucial parts of the vehicle and that protects your car from the collision and other impacts.

When your car hits of any object or on another vehicle your bumper will be the first thing that faces and it will absorb the kinetic energy before any other part of the car senses it.

When your car is at the full working condition it will experience a lot of energy so that the damage of the car is get reduced as well as the risk to you too.

But in some instances, the bumper gets damaged or broken it could not protect your car from any collisions and it dramatically increases the chances for the injury or death from the collision.

Materials used for bumpers manufacturing:

The bumpers are produced from the combination of materials; there are different types of materials that are used in the manufacturing process.

Based on the materials used their quality and the durability will be increased. So it is very important to have an idea about the material of bumper before installing it in your car when you are repairing or replacing it with the new one.

The car bumper made of following materials;



This type of plastic is a thermoplastic polymer and they are used in several applications. From the saturated addition polymer that is made from the monomer propylene which gives the resistant to the bumper from the variety of chemical solvents, acids, and bases.


The solid polyurethane is the elastomeric materials and they have the expected physical properties like toughness, flexibility and they are highly resistant to the abrasion and temperature. Because of their hardness they give high protection to your vehicle from the collision.


This type of plastic has good flexibility, flame retardant and also they can withstand high temperature. They are also used in the bumper production for their unique qualities.


Parts of bumper:

There will be three types of car bumper material used in the bumper production;

Among the first is the impact-absorbing spring device, which is usually gas-filled and they absorb the minor impacts and prevent the damages.

Second is the steel or aluminum support structure; it is a later beam.

Finally, the urethane or other durable polyethylene plastic bumper cover, which gives finishing appearance to your car. These are the things that protect your car from the collision and other possible impacts.

Final verdicts:

The bumper plays a vital role in the car so it is important to know about their importance and their role in protecting your car from the collision.